Shower Waterproofing

leaky shower water damage

Water Damage – An Enemy To Your Home and Wallet

Shower waterproofing is a big concern for all  homeowners. At Melton Interiors, it is our responsibility to understand the best waterproofing techniques when we install a new shower.  Water is one of your home’s biggest enemies.  Ask any homeowner that discovers water damage and has had to have replaced rotting wood in their homes. Water damage can be costly to repair, and unlike your home’s other enemy – fire – water can seep in slowly and unnoticed, creating long term damage to your home’s structure. When you hire Melton Interiors, we are on the lookout for potential problems, and always finding innovative ways to prevent the typical types of wear and tear and damage we see on older homes. When remodeling homes, sometimes we discover water damage around sinks, showers and toilets.  If we are adding a new bathroom or kitchen to a home, we look for ways to install the plumbing and fixtures that minimize your risk for future water damage.

Check out this video which we posted on Facebook. We were at a job site installing a new shower, using that latest and greatest industry methods for shower waterproofing.

The traditional method for shower waterproofing involved installation of concrete wallboard on the shower walls, using a waterproof sealant on the corners and setting tile over that.  Now, we use a 100% waterproof membrane barrier product new to the industry. We start the project by installing a pre-sloped shower pan coated with both fabric membrane and a secondary, state of the art waterproofing material.

At Melton Interiors, we continually research and implement the latest standards, products and construction methods and this is an example of using the latest methods for shower waterproofing to assure these homeowners that there will not be leaking issues and water damage in their home in years to come.  Taking measures to prevent water leakage during the initial installation of a shower can save homeowners’ money in the long run.



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