With every home remodeling project Melton Interiors completes, I often ask homeowners for feed back about our total performance on the project. One common response is how communication follow up and organized budget were key in understanding all the aspects of their project. Others will say it is a comfort in having a owner-operator that has a hands on approach even when they understand sometimes this added value comes with a slightly higher price. The person that was so involved in defining the scope of work and planning the project needs to be on-site as much as possible during the process. Sometimes this means we are not the lowest bidder, but we see all the time that it can save our customers money in the long run when their project is completed efficiently and precisely as planned.  When unexpected conditions or additional details of the project are added along the way, having Stephen Melton on-site allows the team to quickly implement solutions to keep your project moving.

Aside from our outstanding budgeting, project planning, and on-site management capabilities, we enjoy getting to know our homeowners.

Whether a customer is considering a small area of carpet, hardwood or vinyl flooring, or large and complex renovation, we will take the time to get to now you and understand their specific needs for the project. At Melton Interiors, we understand that the process of home improvement can be both exciting and stressful, and we assure you that proper planning and pricing are key to making your project an enjoyable experience. Homeowners need and deserve to know exactly what to expect from a home remodeling project, and our goal is to meet and exceed those expectations.

I look forward to blogging about various topics in future posts. Lately, homeowners are most interested in knowing about energy saving ideas.  That is something that Melton Interiors is always eager to discuss with our customers.

Our customers like to share stories about their home remodeling, and we appreciate the opportunity to post those pictures and details so that others will consider using Melton Interiors for their project.

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